Covid-19 Recession – Integrating New Risk Driver Data into Risk Models

  By Robert Phelan, CFA, GARP ( , 973-2727-3603, April 4, 2020 A very successful risk leader said, “the data will set you free.”  By that, he meant, you do not need to know fundamental credit analysis because the patterns in historical data using machine learning will reveal most of what is required to… Read More

Track Changes and Mitigate On

By Robert Phelan, CFA, GARP ( , 973-2727-3603, March 17, 2020 In 1939 prior to WW II, the British government created a poster saying, “Keep Calm and Carry on.”  Given the dramatic impact of the Coronavirus, the world cannot carry on as usual.  Recently, I have worked on recession preparation with risk managers in… Read More

Visa buys Plaid from Position of Strength

In game-theory optimization, when a “big stack” makes a bet based on “position,” they have a competitive advantage.  Visa made such a move today with the acquisition of Plaid.  Please see the article on TechCrunch: Today, I will discuss why some risks have increased for Visa.  Visa is undoubtedly one of the largest companies… Read More