Risk Management’s 2019 Challenge

With the return of market volatility, slowing global growth, increasing debt levels, and growing trade and political tensions, it is time to take another look at Corporate Risk Management.  It’s been 2+ years since the OCC Bulletin 2016-05 that formalized the regulatory requirements for the three lines of defense, i.e. Front Line, Independent Risk Management,… Read More

Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon join forces to convince CEOs to end quarterly profit forecasts

Blog Author Email: bphelan@riskdirector.com LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/bob-phelan On June 7, 2018, CNBC provided a platform for two of the most successful CEO’s, Warren Buffett and Jaime Dimon, to influence other CEOs to end quarterly profit forecasts (Moyer).  No one can dispute that these two men are great leaders and great investors.  In fact, I am… Read More

Risk Mitigation for Facebook with Questions for Advertisers/Investors

Poor internal controls, political impacts, and lack of data usage transparency at Facebook have elevated privacy concerns for regulators, advertisers, and investors globally. The broad use of social media has desensitized most Americans to the risk of exposing vast amounts of personal information to companies like Facebook and Google. Will this event materially harm Facebook? Facebook… Read More

Customer Risk in Cryptocurrency and Florida Payday Lending

There are new risks that might evade detection by the current risk management machine learning models used in financial institutions. I wanted to share some interesting observations that could impact risk in credit card portfolios. Florida is a state dominated by small business services. All small businesses rely to some degree on credit cards for… Read More

How many “risk management fails” can Wells Fargo endure?

I have attached copy of my November 11, 2016 blog that appeared on LinkedIn.  At that time, I disagreed with the solution proposed by John Stumpf (CEO) and the Board of Directors of Wells Fargo.  Their initial solution was to discontinue the sales incentive goals.  If you remember the slogan, “Eight is great.”  This referred… Read More

Hurricane Harvey Risk Advisory – Investments

The US wakes up the first Monday after the catastrophic Houston flooding and the country is a bit poorer today.  Hurricane Harvey should have a negative impact on both the bond and equity markets, given the broad impact to business and consumers and the potential for increased government borrowing against a pending debt ceiling limit. I… Read More

Recognizing Diversity and the Evolution of Risk Management

Bob Phelan Financial Risk / Asset Management / Advisor One advantage of a long career in one business function is the ability to provide perspective on how the function has evolved. This year, I have taken the time to explore risk management options in different industries, evaluated the risk needs of corporate boards, and identified… Read More

Broadband is the best choice in Final Four against Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft #FCC, #FTC,#BigData, #Privacy

Broadband is the best choice in Final Four against Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft #FCC, #FTC,#BigData, #Privacy A poem to research the impact of changing referees has on the investments game as the opportunity for high dividends and a higher foothold in BigData Marketing Competition.   Wake now! what light through FCC window breaks? It is Ajit… Read More