Fintech Lending Gobbles High Yield – Poem

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Date: March 5, 2017


During my 16 years at American Express, I was called upon to provide employee engagement and levity for the opening presentation at Town Halls.  Working with employees at all levels, we would develop a communication strategy that aligned with the key messages of the Town Hall. I would usually write a poem to go along with the dance, song, or video. Here is a poem for those people who miss me.


Fintech Lending Gobbles High Yield  – Poem


Groups of wild turkeys are called flocks,

Fintechs produce technology building blocks.

Who are these Fintech lenders, who abound

Looking for unserved borrowers to be found?

BigData nearest neighbor targeting is all the rage,

But not proven through downturns at this stage.

Rush to machine-learning models to gain the edge,

But is the risk insight missing on how to hedge?

If customers disengage and make a partial repay

An early Charge-off is not a happy Thanksgiving Day.

Sustained low interest rates have created yield gobblers,

Which creates opportunities for risk perspective bloggers.

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