• Risk Management: Provides short-term, high-impact risk advisory services to banks, financial institutions, and investment firms.  Over 25 years in first line management and risk system development covering commercial credit risk, consumer credit, investment portfolio market risk rebalancing, fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, cybersecurity, targeted acquisition strategies, regulatory requirements, and privacy strategies at American Express, Nomura Securities International, and for other clients.
  • Margin Improvement:  Brings skills and resources for capturing and managing data (BigData) with analytical models to drive efficiency and margin improvement using machine learning and business intelligence reporting.
  • Operational Excellence: As Chief Operational Risk Officer at American Express, improved accountability by managing operational officers in each business unit, and developing an operational risk framework that reduced event and dollar losses with improved process controls and reporting. Consistently delivered over $300M in operational and strategic improvements annually in market risk, credit risk, compliance, fraud, and information security.
  • M&A/Technology Venture Investing/Due Diligence and Policies: As Global Risk Oversight Officer at AXP and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), joined the Chief Risk Officer review of Silicon Valley start-ups for AXP venture investing that identified synergies to augment AXP’s business model (e.g., Kabbage, Trulioo, Inflection, Earnest, and Forter). Reviewed and proposed potential range of acquisitions such as Ally, CIT, ADS, Huntington, and First Republic, which had products, customer, or commercial adjacency that leveraged the existing regulatory infrastructure and added accretive assets for growth with industry above average  return on equity.